Yellow Murano Glass Bowl
Yellow Murano Glass Bowl

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Vintage Cateye Eyeglass Frames
Vintage Cateye Eyeglass Frames

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Assorted Costume Jewelry
Assorted Costume Jewelry

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Yellow Murano Glass Bowl
Yellow Murano Glass Bowl

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Terms & Services

No Upfront Fees
Our commission fees start at a competitively low rate of 35% of the total sale.* All fees we receive will be taken upon the last item sale. Either following liquidation or close of online auctions.


Lead Time and Paperwork

For an average estate we will need at least a week for setting up, however two weeks is ideal. All agreements must be resolved and signed prior to the setup process.


Bonded and Accredited
We are bonded and carry liability insurance with Antiques and Collectibles National Association (


Experienced Appraisers

Our appraisers have comprehensive and overlapping product knowledge to ensure nothing is over looked. Also all items are researched to ensure they are sold at current market value.


Knowledgeable and Professional Staff
On average we have from 4 to 7 staff members working an estate sale. During sale days all staff is dressed in Crest Estate Sales shirts for ease of customer assistance. Additionally by maximizing presence we minimize both chance of damage and theft.


Organization and Pricing
During the set-up of the sale, all items are inspected, cleaned, priced, and displayed. Our customers appreciate the cleanliness and organization of our estate sales.


Displaying Inventory
For most sales we will rearrange furniture and add tables and display showcases to highlight the inventory. We supply all tables and display showcases.


Extensive Sale Event Advertising
We have an internet presence with our website and our Facebook page We send personal invitations to our expanding and loyal email list. We post our sales events on, and We also use signage to draw local attention to our sale events.


We Accept Credit Cards
To increase overall sales we accept credit card transactions.

 Merchant services charge a percentage to process each transaction and these fees are covered by Crest Estate Sales.







Contact Us
Based in La Habra, CA 90631

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Areas We Service


Los Angeles County, CA


Orange County, CA


Riverside County, CA


San Bernardino County, CA